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Annual Production Marks

The Annual production marks, located on the bottoms of the bases of Precious Moments figurines, reveal the year of the figurine's production and symbolize an inspirational message.

Precious Moments Annual Production Marks:

Triangle1981The Holy Trinity - Father, Son and Holy Spirit
Hourglass1982Represents the time we have on earth to serve the Lord
Fish1983Earliest symbol used by believers of the early church
Cross1984Symbol of Christianity
Dove1985Symbol of love and peace
Olive Branch1986Symbol of peace and understanding
Cedar Tree1987Symbol of strength, beauty and preservation
Flower1988Represents God's love for his children
Bow & Arrow1989Represents the power of the Bible
Flame1990For those who have gone through the fire of life and found comfort in faith
Vessel1991A reminder of God's love which flows through the vessel of life
G-clef1992Symbolizes the harmony of God's love
Butterfly1993Represents the rebirth of man who comes from darkness into light
Trumpet1994Loving, caring and sharing; signifies a battle cry and a herald of victory
Ship1995Symbolically portraying a message of hope in the Bible
Heart1996Symbol of love
Sword1997Represents that the Word of God is sharper than any two edged sword
Eyeglasses1998Symbolizes Precious Moments' 20th year and its lasting vision
Star1999Represents the star that showed others where baby Jesus was born
Cracked Egg2000Symbolizes the new millennium and a new beginning
Sandal2001Represents our journey with the Lord
Cross in Heart2002Symbolizes the importance of faith in a person‘s heart
Crown2003Represents glory, dignity and sovereignty
3-Petal Flower2004Each petal symbolizes part of the message "loving, caring and sharing"
Loaf of Bread2005Jesus called himself the Bread of Life in John 6:35
House2006The house of the Lord is mentioned in Psalm 122:1-2
Hammer2007God is the builder of everything as described in Hebrew 3:4
Stylized Heart2008Represents the importance of guarding one’s heart
Sheaf of Wheat2009A necessary ingredient to making bread; Jesus is the Bread of Life
Tree2010A tree grows and can bear fruit in season as mentioned in Psalm 1:3
Scroll2011Each person leaves a legacy as an inheritance
Box with Bow2012Serves as a reminder as to why we give and the importance of love
Flame2013Loving reminder that you are never alone; Jesus is the light of the world
Chapel2014Celebrating the Precious Moments Chapel's 25th anniversary
Angel on Cloud2015For He will command His angels concerning you... Psalms 91:11
Open and the door will be opened to you. Matthew 7:7
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