Trust In Him At All Times - Precious Moment Figurine

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Precious Moments Porcelain Figurine - Trust In Him At All Times

Trust God. Such a simple message, but sometimes it’s not that easy to believe. This faithful girl shows her adorable puppy that as long as God leads the way, they will always be ok.

While this Precious Moments figurine is truly adorable, with her rope so close to the ground, there is a deeper meaning when you really think about it. The truth is, with steady Christian faith practices, we are never far from the safe embrace of God’s loving arms.

Even when it really feels like we are alone or when we doubt that we are on the right path, we can take a moment and remember that God ‘has our back’, regain our balance, and take one more step.

Finally, the details of this beautiful Christian gift will truly inspire collectors. They will just adore the real rope, and the absolutely adorable pink and white socks worn by the faithful Precious Moments girl.

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